Month: August 2017

Spirits Place

Spirits Place is a relatively new organization in St. Albans, Maine whose primary mission is promoting and assisting in the spaying and neutering of feral and community cats. They also find themselves helping low income families with spay/neuter for their pets and even some medical care.

When Spirits Place asked the May HTR Foundation for help, they knew exactly what they needed to do – trap and alter that 30 cat colony, alter the seven cats that just arrived at their shelter and follow up with several colonies already spayed and neutered. We were happy to help.

HART for Animals

One of our favorite organizations is HART for Animals in Garrett County, Maryland, one of the poorest counties in the state. These intrepid folks rescue animals from local shelters to avoid euthanasia, offer free spay/neuter services to the pets of low income residents, provide humane education and have built their own shelter facility to care for the animals they rescue.

The new facility is fully operational now, but is still in need of secure, permanent fencing so that their lucky dogs can get plenty of exercise. The May HTR Foundation is delighted to contribute to HART’s efforts to raise money to finish off that last section of fencing.

Maine Federation of Humane Societies

The Maine Federation of Humane Societies is a statewide network of companion animal organizations working to support shelters and rescue groups in their missions. Their annual conference is an amazing opportunity for these groups to get to know one another, to learn from nationally known experts and to develop specific skills that will serve them well in their respective efforts.

This year’s conference will focus on “Avoiding Disaster,” from disinfection disasters to creating a disaster plan to animal intake disasters. Last year over 150 shelter and rescue staff attended and they are expecting more this year. The May HTR Foundation sees this collaborative humane education as essential to its mission and is proud to be able to offer its support.

Kennebec Valley Humane Society

The Kennebec Valley Humane Society has been around since 1927, serving the Augusta, Maine area as an open intake shelter. They are a safe haven for over 2000 animals per year and boast a 97& placement rate. That’s a lot of homes for a lot of animals and they should be proud of their work.

When they asked for funds are to help pet owners who can least afford it spay and neuter their cats in an effort to reduce the number of cats coming to the shelter, the May HTR Foundation was were happy to help.

Waiting for Surgery