You’ve probably never heard of Garrett County, Maryland, but you should have.  That’s the home of HART for Animals, an all-volunteer group in Western Maryland who have, in the last nine years, raised enough money to open the HART Animal Center.  This amazing center houses a veterinary clinic; the Bed n Bark Inn, a boarding facility; Mutt Works Grooming and the HART Shoppe.  Last on the list, to open this winter, is their animal adoption center.  With a capacity for 60 dogs and 60 cats, this facility will go a long way to end the euthanasia of adoptable animals for lack of space.

When the sprinkler system for this new facility cost more than expected, the fencing budget took a big hit.  HART volunteers are now working hard to raise the needed funds to get that fencing done before winter weather makes it impossible and delays their opening.  We are honored to be able to contribute to the cost of fencing and help the vision of  HART for Animals become a reality.