Month: October 2017

Upper Valley Humane Society

When it comes to feral cats, the Upper Valley Humane Society has got it together. They have an excellent trap-neuter-release program and address all the needs so common in a feral cat population. While working with a colony of 20-25 cats, all the trapped animals will not only be spayed or neutered but receive comprehensive veterinary care. Many will be adopted into “barn” homes and all will have a less stressful visit to the shelter since their time there will be spent in a large outdoor enclosure rather than a small cage.

The May HTR Foundation is happy to support such professional work.

Conway Area Humane Society

The Conway Area Humane Society is partnering with three other animal organizations to address the needs of a colony of feral cats estimated to have 80-100 cats. It’s a huge job, but they have a plan and we have no doubt they will be successful. The May HTR Foundation is lucky to be able to help such a dedicated organization.